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A Royal Affair by Diacolor

As one entered the plush restaurant ‘On the Waterfront’ at The Lodhi in New Delhi, the one and only feeling was ‘royal’. The floral work, the extravagant jewellery on display and the whose who of Delhi all gathered under one roof to welcome a new member in the Diacolor family- their first brand Ambassador.

Mriganka Singh, Princess of Jammu and Kashmir- The first Brand Ambassador of Diacolor
Mriganka Singh, Princess of Jammu and Kashmir- The first Brand Ambassador of Diacolor

Diacolor is a design destination where glittering gems and gleaming precious metals come together to create a mesmerizing symphony of design and desires. Known for their elaborate yet intricate diamond jewellery fit for the nouveau rich, the selection of the brand ambassador also had to be from a contemporary royal family. Thus, the accomplished Princess of Jammu and Kashmir, Mriganka Singh; daughter of Yuvraj Vikramaditya Singh and Yuvrani Chitrangadha Raje Singh of Jammu & Kashmir, is a perfect choice.

Artist, polo player, photographer and a communication design major from LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore, Mriganka will not just carry forth the brand’s campaign but also anchor a host of celebrated events that complete Diacolor’s busy calendar through this year.

“Traditionally diamonds were always set with colour. Be it the royals, the nobles or the jewellery connoisseurs, everyone enjoys a precious emerald as much as a diamond of good caratage. Diacolor relives that lineage through a contemporary, cutting edge design sensibility, setting investment diamonds with the finest quality of colored, precious stones, “ informed Mr. Rishabh Tongya.

Adding to that Mriganka said “Jewellery is of course every woman’s best friend and I like Diacolor for the way they combine rare and precious stones with a fun and vibrant setting. I am happy to come on board as the face of the brand because more than anything I identify with the vibrancy of the brand and the youthful design sensibility”.

A small but pretty Princess Room was made especially for Mriganka where she interacted with all and the first artwork with the Diacolor’s brand ambassador was unveiled by Rishabh and Mriganka.

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