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India Inspired Frey Wille

The multi cultural and vibrant soul of India has inspired many designers internationally. Right from Cartier to Hermes, Boucheron to Chanel and Elli Saab… the list is endless. But it is the multi-folded diversity of India that every time, any where in the world, a designer thinks about India, their visualization is different from the previous work already showcased.

Frey Wille Mughal collection_Paisley bangle and watch

This time it is the Austria based enamel maverick Frey Wille who got inspired by the Mughal India and that too just in time for Diwali, one of the biggest Indian festivals. Launched exclusively for the growing number of their Indian clients in Singapore, the collection plays with two key Indian motifs, elephants and paisleys, in a variety of bright and earthy tones of deep reds, blacks and shades of blues.

The elaborate love affair between the Mughal Emperors with art, beauty and everything fine is no secret. Right from their architecture, fabrics to jewellery, they were always surrounded with flora and fauna motifs, immeasurable jewels and other riches. Elephant was one of the main means of transportation during the rule of Mughals. Often elaborately decoartes these animal of fortune represented status, strength and protection. While, paisley is one of the widest used motif in the whole of India. Derived from the king of fruits ‘Mango’, its is also known as  “Mir-i-bota” in the orient, and stands for good fortune, growth and prosperity. At the time of the Mughals the paisley pattern was found on innumerable scarves, carpets, blankets and pieces of embroidery. It was then, as it is today, one of the most cherished patterns in the world of fashion and accessories.

For more than 30 years, Frey Wille has been setting new standards in jewellery design and enameling processes. While most of their previous collections are inspired by famous artists like Claude Monet and Gustav Klimt, they have also given homage to many geographical areas of the world who have specific form language to them like Africa and Egypt. India was in their list for some time now and what better to launch it closer to Diwali, one of the biggest shopping time in the whole year.


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