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Redefining ‘Indianness’: Van Gelder Indian Jewellery

VGIJ-Jodha Bai collection

Having embraced India and its jewellery for close to four decades, Van Gelder Indian Jewellery, is now in the capable hands of the second generation Noëlle and Fleur, daughters of Bernadette Van Gelder – van der Ven. Having inherited the passion for Indian jewellery from their mother, the sibling duo have been spending a lot of time in India recently scouting for some of the most exquisite heritage jewellery and have stirred the European market with the much needed Indian flavour.

Having created the buzz for antique Indian jewellery, the sisters have been planning to add a contemporary India-inspired collection to their inventory for some time now. Going to and fro on the designs multiple times, the collections are all sparkly and ready to be unveiled today along with a new logo of the brand to a wholesome uplift of the identity.

VGIJ_ heritage collection

“Designs from our Contemporary Collections are crafted by local artists, applying ethically responsibly sourced materials, using traditional techniques. Our team of expert artisans in our studio in Jaipur apply both traditional as well as contemporary goldsmith’s techniques, creating our bespoke jewellery collection. As such, we aim to constitute a unique addition to the rich heritage of Indian Jewellery”, adds Fleur.

Fleur and Noëlle Van Gelder

The three contemporary collections- Colours, Jali and Jodha Bai capture three emotions of Indian jewellery. Colours represent the love for beautiful coloured gemstones, Jali find its inspiration from the glorious Indian architecture and Jodha Bai salutes the strong women of India.


Reminiscent of India, large-sized top quality coloured gemstones are placed in contrast to the European style geometrical designs and settings creating sleek, playful and lively versions of Indian designs. The collection comprises of gold earrings, bracelets and rings in softer, undulating lines, not only using gemstones but also enamelling techniques.

“The leading designs themes are graphic translations of flowers and water jugs, so typical for India. Colors 2019 is illustrative of the journey we started unknowingly in 2007, but that has been the launching pad for our Contemporary Collections,” explains Noëlle.

VGIJ-Colors collection


What started as being carved into stone, generally in geometric patterns, was later tuned flamboyant by the Mughals using very finely carved floral designs and is now an inspiration for jewellery cast in gold and embellished with diamonds.

Fleur elaborates further, “The use of jali screens in Indian architecture has always fascinated us! The creative concept for the Jali collection originates from the intricate designs of the Indian jali window screens. Traditionally used to create intimacy and privacy for women’s quarters, adding a dreamy and ever changing play of light to a space.”

VGIJ-Jali collection

Jodha Bai (my personal favourite)

The Jodha Bai collection is named after one of India’s first, strongest and most influential female royal thought leaders, the Rajput Princess Jodha Bai. This collection draws from the drive, creative power and many accomplishments of strong women of India and the traits are translated in the designs with strong, distinctive lines, an expressive appearance, detail and enamel work, with color use inspired by the tradition of North India.

“We have always felt deeply inspired by the drive, creative power and many accomplishments of strong women in life and business and we are extremely privileged to be standing on the shoulders of strong entrepreneurial women in our family. India’s past and present also knows many examples of these strong female role models who made their marks in various shapes and forms in Indian society. With the inspiration and design of the Jodha Bai collection we aim to honour the importance and value of these strong women,” says Fleur.

VGIJ-Jodha Bai collection

In the concluding words of Noëlle, “Our Contemporary Collections carry a distinctive quality that is similar to the Van Gelder Indian Jewellery Heritage Collection with compelling narratives that are worked into wearable art.”

VGIJ-Jodha Bai collection 01

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