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mirrAR- The Latest Jewellery Tech On the Block

Preeta Agarwal trying a P C Jeweller earring virtually through the mirrAR tech

Are you a jewellery brand who is trying to stand out in this ever crowded jewellery market? Are you also tired of the traditional ways of marketing and are looking to wow your customers? Then I have a solution for you…

If you have been following me on social media, then you would have seen an iPad in my hands, in few of my recent posts. The technology that I have been recently exploring a lot is called mirrAR – an augmented reality technology that works just like a mirror!

Launched by a fashion start up StyleDotMe, mirrAR is a first of its kind, innovative and a fun way of shopping… that aims at disrupting the traditional way of selling jewellery. You can now try jewellery virtually… through an iPad!

Lets have a look at how this beautiful fusion of digital and real-life shopping experience can make your jewellery stand out in a crowd.

1. Trying jewellery hasselfree:

mirrAR tech works automatically just like a selfie filter and you can try jewellery in real-time. It provides shoppers more product options, ability to see multiple jewellery pieces on themselves in quick succession and click their photos for future reference. Understand the technology behind mirrAR through this video below…

2. Inventory Stock:

How often does is happen that our best stock that is featured in our catalogs and on our social media pages gets sold the fastest. And you still keep getting demands for the same. This platform helps brands to showcase their complete inventory to customers across all stores, which further leads to reduction in inventory and carrying costs. You can upload your entire old and new inventory on to the tech. Even if it is sold, you can still make your clients try the pieces just as beautifully as if the piece was right there around their necks.

3. Jewellery Shows:

Jewellery shows are tricky as there are high costs and risks involved in carrying inventory. And, especially if you make one-of-a-kind pieces then the decision is even more difficult. What to leave in the store and what to take? mirrAR helps you solve this crucial decision and lets you take your entire jewellery inventory… virtually!!

4. Marketing Gimmick:

mirrAR tech is the redefining shopping experience with its intuitive and fun approach that engages younger audience in an instant. And I am sure you all agree that young daughters are the biggest influencers for most jewellery purchases whether they are for the mother or for themselves.

5. Easy back end:

With a very basic image requirement, setup and easy to use back end, the tech is uncomplicated and effortless.

6. Home Trials:

Now you can offer home trials to your clients for unlimited jewellery. No need to worry about jewellery insurance or risks involved, just pick up your iPad and be ready to show your complete inventory to you client.

7. Zero Inventory marketing activations:

Now you can plan zero inventory marketing activities at high consumer walk in areas like airports and shopping malls with just an iPad and make you jewellery accessible to a whole new list of audience.

8. Data Analysis:

StyleDotMe teams also helps you in collection and analytics of consumer behavior and product performances along with actionable insights for optimizing jewellery variety and inventory costs.


With PC Jeweller as their first client, mirrAR is being used by many other marquee jewellery brands in a short period of time like Farah Khan Fine Jewellery, Tanishq, House of Surana, Amrapali and Jewels Of Jaipur to name a few.

So, if all of this sounds exciting and you wish to see a demo, write to me at or DM me on Instagram @preeta_agarwal

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