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Gem Genéve: The Unexpected

GemGenéve theme Seek and Find

Amongst the ever-increasing list of jewellery shows that have been cropping up globally, we heard a new name a few months ago- GemGenéve. And, unlike other shows that come with a bang and fade away quietly… this time we were in for a surprise! The inaugural show has garnered immense praise and popularity globally and all eyes are set for their next year’s show already.

GemGenéve Cofounders Thomas Faerber & Ronny Totah

The Differentiating Factor

Founded by two industry stalwarts, Ronny Totah and Thomas Faerber, the show attempted to create a cozy environment where the scale of the show is not intimating for either the buyer or the seller. Thomas Faerber’s words aptly describe the whole idea…  “I felt strongly that there was a need in Europe for a show that is not too big, but of top quality, and that represents our industry.”

GemGenéve theme Seek and Find
A eautiful floral brooch from the Faeber collection on display

Thought Provoking Exhibitors

With just a small number of 147 exhibitors in the first year GemGenéve managed to find the perfect mix of antique jewellers, new age designers, emerging artists, innovative collections and rare gemstones all under one roof… all complimenting each other. From the legendary 90-year-old pearl dealer Paul Fischer to the young star Emmanuel Tarpin, everyone got his or her fair share of attention. Another highlight of the show was the contemporary designer showcase curated by jewellery historian, journalist and author, Vivienne Becker. The nine designer-jewellers to be included in this special feature were carefully chosen from across the globe like Sean Gilson, New York; Hannah Martin, London; Ninotchka Jewels, Moscow; Fabio Salini, Rome and more. Even Robert Procop presented his second ‘Style of Jolie’ collection in collaboration Angelina Jolie.

Green Beryl Necklace worn by Angelina and the new Citrine necklace addition to the Style of Jolie collection

The Magnificent Jewels

With the theme of ‘Seek & Find’, there were truly an unlimited number of jewels waiting to be found by a true appreciator. Amongst these many fabulous jewels that were exhibited during the first ever GemGenéve, below is a selection of my personal favorites from the lot.

And if you happened to have missed the first edition of GemGenéve then mark your 2019 calendars from now itself as the show dates are 9 – 12 May 2019.

Antique Chaumet brooch on display by Faerber



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