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Jewellery Trends 2018 X Solitaire Magazine

With the New Year around the corner, it is utmost important to have a few next year trends up our sleeves and enter the New Year at our fashionable best. To help you with the same is my latest story for the Solitaire Magazine‘s Asia Pacific Edition, that talks about seven latest Jewellery Trends for 2018. So get ready to enter the New Year in your up-to-trend fineries!


A guide to 2018 Jewellery Trends

Jewellery Trends 2018_ Solitaire Magazine Dec-Jan

In this ‘mobile’ age, fashion trends, unfortunately, are short-lived and changing faster than ever. Nowadays, a trend lasts only a few months, a season, or maximum a year. To help you keep up in style and fashionably ease into the brand new year, here’s a lowdown of our must-have jewellery for 2018.


While the ruby, emerald, and sapphire still rule, certain gemstones have successfully crossed the threshold from semi-precious to new precious. It’s about time we welcomed other exciting stones whose natural beauty is the sole reason for their entry in the world of fine jewellery. Pomellato’s 50th anniversary special edition collection, Ritratto, is an experimental approach that explores new materials, embracing gemstones with intricate features.

The creative power of nature guided us in this transformation using the abstract art of uniqueness and alchemy in all its different colours.– Vincenzo Castaldo, Pomellato Creative Director


A standout jewellery is either highly ornate or expressively sleek and simple. Nothing in between. One brand that caters to both audiences is Tiffany & Co. — its latest Hardwear collection takes unusual inspiration from wreck balls and chains and transforms them into fiercely feminine yet minimalist pieces of art. Simultaneously, its Blue Book collections are full of ornate examples of luxurious jewels inspired by many of nature’s creations.

“I think a woman can buy herself jewellery and put it on with dignity.” – Lady Gaga, Tiffany Hardwear ambassador

Jewellery Trends 2018_ Solitaire Magazine Dec-Jan


It’s not unusual for trends in fashion jewellery to make their way into the precious world. One such fashion trend, the tassels are a favourite to incorporate in diamond and pearl pieces. Dubai- based Cara Jeweller’s latest collection offers elegant long necklaces that end with pearl tassel pendants. Meanwhile, Emperor Jewellery also interprets the trend in its new L’Atelier Cindy Yeung collection.

“Our team of designers regularly follow international fashion trends, picking a few themes every year to offer fine jewellery on similar lines, playing a perfect match to the world of fashion.” – Anil Pethani, Director of Cara Jewellers


To live in the present is the ultimate keyword for the millennials. From commemorating occasions with jewellery, women nowadays want to celebrate every day of their lives. Working on the same lines, Shurooq Al Midfa designs delicate jewels for everyday wear. Perfect for office-to- evening events, her jewels are a reflection of living and enjoying life on a daily basis.

“My jewellery is a little ornate but also suitable for everyday wear. It radiates beauty and timeless simplicity at the same time.” – Shurooq Al Midfa, Jewellery Designer


Apart from gemstones, enamel is also popular for adding colour to jewellery. Lately, with the world wanting distinct and individualistic jewellery, enamel is back in a big way. The latest collections from FreyWille are psychedelic in appeal, catching the attention of a younger audience who is looking for a multi-coloured jewellery range.


In fashion, accessorising is key to highlighting our individuality. One-of-a-kind statement pieces are the way forward, and French designer Lydia Courteille certainly knows this. Most of her collections are avant-garde with unusual inspirations, like her latest Pékin collection that depicts Chinese art of Feng Shui. Each piece is unusual and brings so much more than just jewellery for the wearer.


This year, pearls are all about excitement and playfulness. Hisano Shepherd of Little H jewellery showcases pearls in an innovative way. Inspired by naturally formed crystal geodes, Shepherd uses fresh water pearls as her canvas for design, and created a first-of-its-kind Pearl geode collection.

“When I first started designing with pearls, I noticed that pearl jewellery flooding the market all had a similar look. I saw the opportunity to create them in stylish and unique ways.” – Hisano Shepherd, Jewellery Designer

The story can also be read on the Solitaire Luxe website here.

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