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Setting the Stage for 2020

‘Starting Afresh’ is a common mood usually at the beginning of a new year. And if equipped with the right knowledge and trends, one can really create newsworthy products. So, here is my list of five jewellery trends that will set the stage in 2020. Written for the Solitaire Magazine, my story was published in the Dec 2019- Jan 2020 issue. Enjoy!
Setting The Stage for 2020

Jewellery trends that are set to lead the jewellery world in the coming year

The creativity of many jewellery designers across the globe have been at an all time high and thus, every year, one can see a variety of trends, styles, and ideas flowing through their creations. While many trends gradually fade out, only a few successfully manage to stay around to witness the test of time. For 2020, we’ve got our eye on the following jewellery brands that are shaking up the scene with their originality and talent, contributing to the trends that will shape the jewellery scene in the coming year.

Kavant and Sharart’s vibrant geometric jewels

Kavant & Sharart: Vibrant geometric shapes

Coloured gemstones express a unique characteristic when paired with geometric shapes, making the jewellery dynamic and highlighting the edges. Kavant & Sharart jewellery, started by husband and wife duo Nuttapon Yongkiettakul and Shar-linn Liew, brings forth a natural juxtaposition of straight lines and subtle curves, matched with rich colours. Their latest collection, Link No. 5, incorporates precious gemstones and diamonds carefully angled within bold symmetric lines.

“The colour trend is going to be something uplifting yet with a sense of comfort. Think of warm ruby hues and neutral palettes like mother of pearl beige and the natural 18k warm glow of gold. When we talk about form, we enjoy layering them, like our classic Origami shapes and silhouettes. Our new origami links are 5-sided geometric shapes that come together nicely as a link chain. We aim to achieve sculptural perfection while bearing in mind the wearability of each piece”, reveals Liew.

Magerit’s hyper-realistic jewels

Magerit: Hyper-realistic details

One of the most painstakingly difficult details to add to any piece of jewellery is mimicking natural expressions of humans or the subtle details found on flora or fauna. It’s the look in the eyes, the twitch of the lips, or the turn of a petal that sets the difference between almost perfect and hyper-realistic. For one jewellery brand, Magerit, hyperrealism is a tendency, not a choice. Their collection, ‘Elements’, incorporates the four forces of nature (Water, Earth, Air and Fire) and raises
the bar.

“The way in which Magerit understands art shows the point of view of hyperrealism in its constant search for perfection and the great importance it lays on details; some even beyond the limits of the human eye. Our jewellery is characterised by its faithful reproduction of human or animal anatomy”, expresses Daniel Calvo, Creative Director.

Alessio Boschi jewels that transform

Alessio Boschi: Transformable jewellery

Call it multi-functional or transformable, in the end, it translates to jewellery that transforms through the use of simple mechanisms. This trend is gaining popularity with each passing year, amplified with multifarious explorations. Alessio Boschi’s signature characteristics are joyful expressions of colour with an element of surprise where a necklace can be dissembled in a shorter version, while the other parts open up to reveal a new piece, all with the help of small scale hidden enhancers and pins.

According to Boschi, “We like to offer something different: The possibility to engage in multiple variations creating a ludic and joyful relation between the wearer and the jewel. My designs are three dimensional and fluid. A brooch transforms into a pendant, a ring opens a hidden chamber and reveals a necklace or a bracelet, exquisite pearl lariats are offering up to 10 different ways to be worn.”

Russian Avant Garde- Mesmering and Supremus rings by Milio

Milio: Russian avant-garde

Russian culture and its tryst with jewels has been a constant cultural inspiration. For mother-daughter duo Ludmila and Olga Mironov of Milio, they take their rich Russian heritage and merge it with Art Deco style, producing pieces that are both precious in material and radical by idea. One example is the latest ‘Supremus’ ring from the Piece de Resistance collection, inspired by the Suprematism, one of the most influential and radical abstract art movement of Russian Avant-garde, pioneered by Kazimir Malevich.

“Following our fascination with Art Deco and Art Nouveau, our newest collection is a declaration of love for Russian avant-garde”, articulates Olga. “A superlatively balanced asymmetrical composition of each piece found through experiments with bold contrasting colours and forms is a tribute to the great artists of the past, remaining strikingly modern.”

Ring and earrings using Micro Mosaic by Sicis Jewels
Micro Mosaic ring ‘Nebulosa Supernova’ by Sicis Jewels

Sicis Jewels: Micro mosaics

Sicis Jewels is known for its detail-intensive pieces, particularly the ones that feature micro mosaic, which is an antique technique with its pinnacle in 19th-century Italy, inspired by French Art Deco. A great example of jewellery as art, they are crafted like traditional mosaics, but incredibly scaled- down in size. Having captivated many, Sicis’ pieces are laden with vibrant gemstones and have a contemporary charm.

“At Sicis Jewels, we retrieve projects and graphic concepts already elaborated in the past, projecting them optimistically towards an imaginary future. An example of this is the Trigon collection, formed by tiny chips of micro mosaic, diamonds, and white gold, which repeat unexplored constellations from a parallel universe”, shares Gioia Placuzzi, Creative Director.

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Setting The Stage for 2020
Setting The Stage for 2020
Setting The Stage for 2020

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