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Emblems of Love

Over centuries, jewellery has won over many a hearts across the globe. Gifting jewellery is a tangible expression of love that brings out the true flavor of romance and can be cherished for years to come. In particular, engagement rings have certainly topped the charts when it comes to proposing. But, if you just want to show your love or make her day special, designers have come up with many designs and shapes to signify your token of love.

Modern preachers of a happy marriage say that the act of demonstrating Love should not be limited to only anniversaries, birthdays or Valentines Day. Every day needs to be celebrated and a little surprise now and then will help in the long run. These emblems of love need not be overly sweet, they can be trendy and ones that can be worn everyday.


Amongst the wide choices available, hearts are the most common symbols of love. Even with the industry abundant with heart shaped jewellery, every new and innovative heart design still manages to pull all strings in our own hearts. One of the most romantic engagement rings, Chopard’s heart shaped solitaires and Amethysts prove to be the perfect excuse to propose. Damiani uses smaller heart diamonds inside wedding bands symbolizing secret promises that is meant only for you and not so much for display. While, the oversized and stylized Piaget heart cuff makes takes heart jewellery into the realm of fashion statements, heart pendants from Frey Wille and Cartier make the tradition of wearing your love everyday, a style statement.

Hearts come in all colours, shapes and sizes. Plain metal, studded with diamonds or even playful ones turning our love for hearts never ending. Designer Alexia Jordan’s Heart pulse rings and necklaces add a cute heartbeat element to heart jewellery.


LOVE- The Word

‘Love’ is a beautiful word. So much emotion is packed in a single word. It can be romantic, crazy, fun, affection, and passionate or even all in one. Stylized with fonts and textures, love jewellery pieces can be worn as subtle reminder of his love.

The Cartier Love collection, designed in 1969 has seen many versions over the years and has been a hit amongst lovers throughout. What started as a special Love bracelet, designed to open only with a special screwdriver, is now available in a variety of products with the word LOVE written in the Cartier special font.

The unique double Love ring by Jessica de Lotz adds an element of fun in the equation with subtle hint that it takes two to complete the love.

Everlasting Love

Love has always been associated with adjectives like timeless, undying, infinite and more. The whole connotation about eternal love has been depicted in jewellery by ways of eternity rings a promise of everlasting love. It can be plain, textured, studded with coloured gemstones or diamonds. The heightened popularity have made them essentials for every jewel box and a preferred option for gifting from weddings, to child birth, anniversaries to any occasion in between. Half eternity bands, studded only on top half are pocket friendly and easy to re-size.

The Fabergé fluted eternity bands in plain gold with textures and even studded with diamonds and coloured gemstones. Boucheron’s Quatre rings experimented with various widths and colour combinations. Collections by Damiani, Carolina Bucci and Venyx are more stylish in appeal and can be worn as stacks of two to three, adding an element of fun in your jewellery.

The Trinity rings are one innovative idea by Cartier. Easy to slide on, three interlocked eternity bands in three different gold colours or gemstones represent ‘past, present and future’ symbolizing a lifetime. The French jewellery house introduced these playful and fun rings in 1924 and the re-inventions are still on.

Infinity symbol is another motif that denotes infinite love and has been used by Forevermark in one of their best selling campaigns.

Faberge Eternity rings

Knotty Love

Love knots have been are known to signify the connection between a couple. Often used in jewellery, bows and ropes in various colours of gold and gemstones make these knots look pretty adorable. Mirari’s love knot rings in white-yellow and black- white combinations are drool worthy.

Cupid Love

Love is sweet and often makes us do many childish things. Most of us in our adulthood have once slowly broken a flowers petal while counting ‘He loves me. He loves me not!’ Drawing cupid’s arrows on greeting cards, signing love letters with XOXO and buying two pendants- one with lock and the other with key have been a part of most college days memories. Many of these sweet memories have been engraved in jewellery by Tiffany; saving that little child in us forever.


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