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Bejewelled Finds X Couture India 2017

Jewellery is a passion and hunting for unique pieces is my daily dose of energy, thus, came the name of my blog ‘Bejewelled Finds’. So whenever I am at a jewellery show or in a new city, exploring new and charming pieces of jewellery is top on the to-do list.

One show that impressed the Indian jewellery industry right from its first edition is the Couture India Show organized by the Indian Jeweller magazine. In its second edition this year, the B2B show ‘Couture India 2017‘ was much larger than last year yet small enough for focused buying with just 55 selected exhibitors and had a by invite attendance. Watch the jewels that topped my list of absolute favorites in this video below.

The exhibitor list was fairly impressive with each jeweller specialized in a unique style of jewellery, carefully selected names with minimum overlaps. My first stop was one of the few non Indian jeweller- La Joie from Singapore. The sheer quality and sizes of their gemstones pulls one towards their displays.  What caught my eye in particular was a 32 carat pear shaped Tanzanite ring and a pair of pink Rubelite and green Tourmaline drop earrings.

As fancy shaped diamonds are a huge on trend, the diamond bangles from Peacemoon Collection were an eye catcher and my favorite being the hear shaped solitaires arranged in rose gold… so romantic! As I moved on one colourful necklace caught my attention. While most jewellers make Navratna necklaces in traditional Indian setting of kundan polki, Desert Jewellers have attempted a delicate version in diamonds and 18 karat gold. Talking of redefining traditional jewellery, one of the new entrant was Sphere from Surat. The play of enamel of gold, in modern patterns and styles along with their roses in various avatars- studded, gloss and matt finish were worth a visit.

Thinking of fusion Indian jewellery, I quickly progressed my hunt to Jewel saga by Sonal Sawansukha who does beautiful enamel jewellery as well as works with various coloured gemstones. Loved a Y shaped enamel necklace with mint green lotuses. her Birds of Paradise collection is a very sweet addition to her offering that has gold, diamond and pearl birds perched on various pieces. Mother Nature’s beauty has inspired many designers like Anil Patel of Enshine. Their latest collection has miniature flowers in all shades of gold, an up-styled everyday wear. Another lover of nature is the talented designer Anand Shah, who literally infuses golden magic in his creations as each and every piece of his mesmerizes you more than the previous one. With absolute difficulty I selected one of the piece as my favorite as it reminded me of gorgeous yellow Amaltas flowers that grow in Delhi every spring.

Lately many jewellers have been attempting unique colour combinations with lesser known gemstones. One such beauty was displayed at Exquisite Fine Jewellery with pale green Pressiolite, sky blue Topaz and triangular off white Mabe Pearls. Truly mesmerizing! Designing with multiple colours in one necklace is an art and that is where Umrao Jewels make their point. Their peacock and flower necklace had 6 colours in one- from dark blue to turquoise, from red to green and white pearls to yellowness from the gold base. At another booth Awesome Sparklers three shades of pearls made an appearance in a single pair of earrings.

Few jewellers are even exploring new shades in famous gemstones like emeralds in a mint green shade unlike the deep green that we know them till now for. The mint green emerald and uncut diamond paisley five row necklace at Ghatiwala Jewellers is every brides dream jewellery. The tiny emerald bead strings looked like threads from far and were as flexible as one too. Jewels Of Jaipur too had mint green emeralds along with some very interesting cocktail rings. Two of my favorites were the blue enamel spiral ring and the giant baroque pearl with diamond surrounds… both worth drooling!

Making good jewellery always needs good resources for raw materials as well as manufacturing. The uber flexible jewellery at Studio Reves was a must see. From marquise necklaces that I could drape around my wrist to baguette bracelets that rolled like a cylinder, they mastered the craft at par with many famous international jewellers. The deep blue hues of Tanzanites offered by Indus Jewellery attracted many hunting this recently famous blue gemstone. Another attention grabbers were the hexagon diamond clusters by Vivanca Jewellers. Their hexagonal illusion was created with six triangular diamonds put together and were available in all sizes in loose and even set in jewellery. This completes the list of my favorite jewels spotted at the Couture India  2017. Looking forward to their 2018 edition!

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