Behind the Scenes: Amrapali

Look what I found! Behind the scene glimpses from Amrapali studio and their inspirations… a must watch!!

AMRAPALI, a name derived from the famous courtesan, an epitome of beauty art and culture in the times of Lord Buddha. A company that was started in 1978 in Jaipur, Rajasthan is one of the leading Jewellery Company known for their exquisite designs in Handcrafted Jewellery.

Started by two young post graduates of Ancient Indian History and Culture “ AMRAPALI” is now a well recognized brand in India.

Owners of a great collection of Tribal & Ethnic Silver Mr. Rajesh Ajmera and Mr. Rajiv Arora lay the foundation of their company by collecting old pieces from remote interiors of India. They used elements of Ethnic Indians Jewellery in their designs and revived the traditional methods to incorporate in their pieces, in order to create a design language distinct to Amrapali.

“Amrapali” is a name that is associated with traditional yet unconventional Jewellery. From tribal Jewellery to Mughal Kundan work, the idea is to highlight Indian Art and Craftsmanship. A group of designers creating original pieces that are unquestionably contemporary. Some purely ethnic, some entirely western, some bit of both. Filigree work, beaten silver, stones in intricate silver setting and use of exquisite and traditional stones.

Catering to individual tastes, clients from abroad as well as within the country become great source of inspiration for creativity in design.


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