Farah Khan Ali @ India International Jewellery Week 2014

My first post for my very own blog and I am so pleased that it is about gorgeous jewellery made and showcased by a very dear friend Farah Khan Ali.

Farah displayed her latest ‘Quaintraille’ collection on the 14th July 2014- Day 1 of the India International Jewellery Week 2014. Elegant models draped in couture from Wendell Rodricks sashayed down the ramp flaunting colourful and unique jewels; showcasing a plethora of juxtaposed jewels ranging from romantic sorbets to breathtaking classics.

One of the biggest eye-catcher was the Emerald & diamond asymmetrical necklace, which also graced her IIJW invite. The elegance of the diamond strings trying to hold together pear shaped lush emeralds… breathtaking beyond words.

Each model came adorned with a new and even more mesmerizing jewellery piece. From turquoise, pearl & diamond necklace- earring set to turquoise & chrysoprase to emerald chandeliers, pearl chokers to floral cocktail rings. The ruby & diamond necklace studded in 18kt yellow gold was another head turner with overlapping diamond strings and dazzling pear shaped rubies cascading down.

The showstopper jewellery piece for the evening or rather in the showstopper Lisa Ray’s own words ‘The Traffic Stopper’ piece for the evening were the Emerald earring with diamond and pearl string flaunted by the gorgeous & brave Lisa ray.







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