Le Jardin Exotique- Farah Khan’s latest offering

With the rain Gods showering us with their blessings, the weather in India has become pleasant and what better way than to enjoy this vivacious sky than with a few colourful baubles showcasing a kaleidoscope of ideas- pastels, carved gemstones, birds, unique colour combinations, innovative jewels and many more.

Animal series from Farah Khan's latest Le Jardin Exotique collection
Animal series from Farah Khan’s latest Le Jardin Exotique collection

Jewellery designer Farah Khan has a unique of way of design and style. Always in tune with international design trends, Farah adds her own flair to these trends and never ceases to surprise us with her jewels. Her latest collection takes us into an exotic garden with gorgeous studded flowers and birds so realistic as if, they are going to move any moment. Their eyes almost talking and their body language mesmerizing.

Farah seems have taken fancy to birds as she creates one feathered beauty after another. From birds whose feathers extend to climb up the ear making ear cuffs, blue eyed ducks holding a creamy pearl like a precious egg, swan ring with extended wings to cover side fingers, parrot armlet and peacock bracelets; she has something exquisite for all.

Her love for carved gemstones is long known as she uses a few delicately carved gemstones in most of her collections. The cool look of the pastel pink and white carved gemstone necklace is an ideal summer wear. The top open diamond bracelet with two pie shaped emeralds and numerous carved green leaves, stirs a fresh taste in our mind.

Farah embraces all international trends with open arms and styles them with her creative flair. One such trend seen on the jewellery red carpets worldwide is the multi-finger rings. Farah’s take on this global craze revolves around her favorite colourful gemstones. Her three-finger ring featuring the contrasting kynite and rubelite is an elegant statement. Her other rings take on this trend in a different way where you wear them on one finger but the ring flanks out on each side, stretching to fill other fingers, making it appealing yet easy to wear.

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