‘MAGNIPHEASANT PLUMAGE’ – Stephen Webster’s tribute to the British Isles

British-born designer Stephen Webster, known for his impeccable craftsmanship, innovative design and fearless creativity, launches yet another stunning collection- Magnipheasant Plumage.


The couture high jewellery collection pays tribute to the British Isles with the jewellery inspired from the plumage of England’s iconic game bird, the pheasant, infused with signature style of Stepehen Webster, bringing back to life a swathe of feathers in a riot of colours and exotic precious gemstones.


From extraordinary coloured torque necklaces complimented by double-finger cocktail rings, exquisite earrings and statement ear cuffs… Webster has added his striking touch to every jewellery piece. Set with fiery rubies, yellow sapphires and fire opals; magnificent tanzanite with watery aquamarine, intense peridot with green tourmaline and marquise cut diamonds, this is fine jewellery-as-story-telling at its most vibrant and imaginative.


“Inspired by the Magnipheasant story launched earlier this year, the Couture collection continues to be formed around marquise cut gems, combining bold colour combinations with dramatic designs. This most recent collection continues to be both progressive and absolutely unique while retaining all the qualities required of high jewellery.”
Stephen Webster MBE, Creative Director.


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