Nirav Modi illuminates the season of Love

In between the parade of pink and red jewels to celebrate the season of Love, Nirav Modi’s Luminance collection offers a breath of fresh air and a sparkling range of jewellery to add shine to your love life.

Lisa Hayden adorned with ring and earring from Nirav Modi's Luminance collection
Lisa Hayden adorned with ring and earring from Nirav Modi’s Luminance collection

Combinations of different cuts of diamonds, different settings and shapes together create varying intensities of light and illuminates the jewellery creating beautiful depths and patterns. Pears, marquise, rounds, old mine cut, rose cuts gracefully arranged in flowing floral or cluster arrangements in each jewel piece create a magical mood almost fairy tale like.

Nirav Modi, known for his careful selection of diamonds whether for a small pendant or for queen like necklaces, has once again stud this collection with carefully chosen diamonds which play with each other and integrates this melody of light with human emotions as one sees these pieces and wears them. Also, known for the technical mastery in the art of jewellery making, the Luminance collection boosts of the brand’s philosophy of minimum metal and maximum brilliance as the diamonds are ingeniously linked by handcrafted knife edge connectors.

A scintillating play of light coupled with visual movement, is the distinctive features of this collection comprising bracelets, necklaces, earrings, rings and pendants. For all those who are still pondering over the perfect gift for their soul mates, the Luminance collection is available at Nirav Modi’s Delhi Boutique.

Good news for all Nirav Modi fans in Mumbai… yes, a sparkling new Nirav Modi boutique is all ready to be launched in Mumbai soon. Keep your eyes on Bejewelled Finds as we would be sharing the photographs of their new boutique soon.

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