Stéfére- Haute jewellery from Paris

Green & blue butterfly studded multi-finger ring by Stéfére

The French fine jewellery brand Stéfére started by Stephanie Rehault, clubbing in the talent of Corina Larpin, is fast making headlines in the jewellery circles. Last seen worn by Victoria Beckham, Penelope Cruz, Lady Gaga, Kanye West, Elton John and many french international models, Stéfére has made quite a few heads turn with their two varied collections- lines & nature inspired.

The nature inspired series by the duo is highly eclectic with beautiful butterflies, colourful flowers and gothic styled snakes & spiders. The most eye-catching are their multi finger rings with varied sizes of butterflies and also the ones with a big cocktail ring top pave studded flower with extended tendrils rapping around multiple fingers. Their inspiration takes on a dark tone with black & green spider bracelets and necklaces to all black scary snakes. Simple & elegant everyday wear spiral rings with a star or two or a tiny butterfly is a must buy.

Their line collection is a precious take on simple line art. Diamond studded lines, straight lines, dancing lines, wavy lines… they have them all. Delicate pave diamond and gemstone studded lines dance around the fingers & wrist. Their elliptical multi finger rings and single line palm bracelets are a must to try on.

The duos jewellery is quite affordable and their jewellery range starts from $2000 onwards for simpler pieces.

Designers Stephanie Rehault and Corin Larpin
Designers Stephanie Rehault and Corin Larpin

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