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“Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes, and having fun.”

— Mary Lou Cook

I truly resonate with Mary’s thoughts and so does Vaibhav Global Limited (VGL) group, a leading jewellery company in India. We also believe in giving opportunities to upcoming talents. And thus, when VGL Group come up with Draw A Design competition, I knew I had to be on board and help spread the news. Draw A Design, will be repetitive design competition that will be multiple times a year, where designers from all over India are being called to showcase their talent. Promoting the concept of design excellence, the participating artists will gain high-level exposure and will be honored with awards of international standing. The VGL group is aiming to build a platform for designers where they can not only present their passion driven designs, but also share their expertise with fellow designers. As their Media Outreach Partner, I can tell you that this is one competition that is a must to participate in.

All you need for participation is a vivid imagination and an ability to portray your outlook through modern, unique designs. If you possess these qualities then read further to know how you can participate and the parameters on which you’ll be judged.

The Mood

Draw A Design competition has four categories that are popular for their timeless appeal, functionality, attitude, & durability. And, to help my fellow designers, I have made my own version of mood boards hoping that they will inspire you to bring out your creativity.

  1. Galaxy of Sparkles

Galaxy of Sparkle offers a perfect opportunity to showcase amazing colors of the Mother Nature. The design is supposed to reflect the charm induced in the splendid allure of each stone. Whether it’s as dazzling as sun or as calm as sea, or a quite forest, each gemstone has a story to narrate.

Galaxy of Sparkles Mood Board

Luxurious Dazzles

Nothing radiates the rich glimmers like Diamonds. Symbolizing eternity and foreverness, diamonds deserve nothing less than impeccable creativity and luxury. Complementing its aura and majesty, the design needs to stem from heart and soul. Don’t forget, the 4 Cs have a significant part to play!

Luxurious Dazzle Mood Board

Artistic Expressions

India is known for its rich culture, diversity and uniqueness. Bringing the spectacularism of rich and one of the oldest civilizations to life, the designs reflect the true essence of Indian artistry and craftsmanship. Deriving inspiration from versatile cultures and ethnicity of the country, the jewelry speaks volumes of artistic mastery

Artistic Expression Mood Board

Colorful Bubbles

One of the most versatile jewelry styles, beads tops the list of fashion as well as fine jewelry. Made with incredible combination of colors, styles and shapes, beads jewelry designs are absolute limitless. Beads have an amazing ability to become a part of or making others the part of their soft and subtle beauty.

Colourful Bubbles Mood Board

The Rewards

VGL group have announced exciting rewards for all the winners of each category and also for participants who showcase exceptional designs. These rewards serve as a great motivator for you to bring your best foot forward.

– Winners of Draw A Design Award will gain international recognition. Their profiles as a jewelry designer will inspire innovation. Designers and lapidaries whose work receives Draw A Design Awards will garner worldwide exposure too.

– Significant Cash prize to the top 3 winners of each category of amount 1,00,000/- , 51,000/- & 21,000/- respectively

– Positions 1st, 2nd & 3rd are only benchmarks. Exceptional designs may be used for our exuberant collection. In such a scenario, the designers will be rewarded accordingly.

– Exclusive Photo Shoot

– Instant exposure to the popular brands in the gem and jewelry industry

– Invaluable publicity through media and fashion magazines

– An all-expense paid visit to US and UK facilities of VGL

– Felicitation at an eventful evening to celebrate the finale of Draw A Design


Draw A Design- Design to Shine!

The Deadline & Details

The deadline for the first round of this competition is 25th August 2020. So hurry up!

To participate, either log on to and submit your designs there, or follow their official instagram handle: @drawadesign2020

May you get to know yourself better as a designer through this participation and may your designs gain the recognition and acknowledgment that they truly deserve.

All the very best to all of you!


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