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Forevermark Forum, an annual event that was looked forward to by the best in the industry took a virtual route this year, due to the global pandemic. Yet, keeping up with the finesse associated with Forevermark and meeting the expectations of the industry, the event with its theme ‘Meaningful Tomorrows’, was as classy as virtually possible and may be more. From hologram invites to the creation of a virtual world, from exemplary knowledge series to a musical evening with Farhan Akhtar, the team, under the able leadership of Sachin Jain (Managing Director, De Beers India) went all out to create a memorable virtual experience; bringing highlight to the fact that diamonds reflect in their sparkle through all odds!

Forevermark Forum 2020_ A virtual world for diamonds

My interest however always leans towards the new trends and collections unveiled every year and here is a summary for all of you. The Forevermark Trend Book, an annual feature, curated under the creative guidance of Frederica Imperiali (Global Head Product Development), showcased global jewellery trends for the year 2020. The team also launched two new collections- Tribute & Icon.

Here is a download of the Forevermark Trend Book 2020. Developed at Forevermark’s Design and Innovation Centre in Milan, four key themes have been identified to inspire and shape desire for diamonds in 2020.

“From finding personal fulfilment, and creating meaningful design, to protecting our precious planet, and the value of empowerment and acceptance, the Forevermark 2020 Trend Book speaks to important truths about the choices we make as we live our lives, and the legacy we wish to leave.” says Federica Imperiali. “Across four inspiring trends, these essential concepts are translated into a rich array of design solutions at the very heart of which sit beautiful, rare and responsibly sourced Forevermark diamonds.”.

TREND 2020_Trend Panel_Urban Nature

URBAN NATURE: Spring 2020

The challenges our planet currently faces have opened a space for design that addresses important topics such as climate change, sustainability and the protection of endangered habitats and species. With many of us now living in urban environments, jewellery that suggests a harmonious connection to the natural world speaks to our hope for a positive future. Botanical forms such as flowers, leaves and tendrils combine with sculptural outlines, dramatic planes, and abstract symmetries to create a striking new design language.

Silhouettes that are part organic, part architectural are conjured from precious metals such as white and black gold. Spectacular settings hold beautifully cut diamonds in designs that entwine fingers, cascade from ears and lovingly embrace wrists and necks. The designs that bloom from these ideas will appeal to an urban tribe that remains acutely in tune with the earth.

“More than a trend, Urban Nature is a whole philosophy of life whose ethos is the protection of our beloved planet. In designs where urban drama and nature’s bounty come together, we are reminded of the beauty that grows when perfect harmony is achieved”, says Imperiali.


TREND 2020_Trend Panel_Open Mind

OPEN MIND: Spring 2020

Open Mind is an ode to those free-spirited individuals who have unbounded curiosity about the world around them.They reject stereotypes, whilst celebrating the liberties that allow them to define their preferred way of life, championing the rights of others to express alternative opinions and lifestyles.

Jewellery inspired by Open Mind has an informal, joyful quality. As new design boundaries are explored and pushed, playful, experimental forms emerge. When baguette diamonds take centre stage, scintillating silhouettes are the thrilling result. A rainbow palette of enamel colours adds to the sense of enchanted wonder in designs that trigger a jubilant emotional response.

“The fact that Open Mind works on many levels is what makes it such an important and relevant concept right now. It is a reminder to protect our liberties, whilst at the same time seizing life’s opportunities and celebrating them with a happy-go-lucky vibe”, says Imperiali.

TREND 2020_Trend Panel_La Suerte

LA SUERTE: Autumn 2020

Humans have always yearned to know what the future holds. In a fast-paced world, the ultimate 3 goal is to create a personal philosophy that invites love, health and happiness into our lives. When this balance is achieved, we know we have La Suerte. Inextricably associated with qualities such as courage, love and creativity, diamond jewellery is the perfect way to channel La Suerte’s multi facetted take on contemporary spirituality. Introduce elements of surprise – an unusual diamond shape, or amusing hidden details – to create beguiling designs. Diamonds are placed at the very heart of this trend.

“Whatever our personal beliefs, we are all united by a desire to manifest good luck in our lives. How do we do this? Through kind actions, a positive attitude, a willingness to embrace change and a belief in the power of dreams”, says Imperiali.

TREND 2020_Trend Panel_Royal 2.0

ROYAL 2.0: Winter 2020

The styles of past eras are an eternal source of creative inspiration for designers. Royal 2.0 is the statement behind self-expression and opulent style. The key behind this trend is to re-interpret and evolve tradition and historical decorative elements with new contemporary jewellery icons whilst appealing to a passion for innovation and authenticity. Tradition and craftsmanship add layers of meaning whilst, transformable designs and unconventional volumes surprise and delight, providing a wonderful backdrop against which, magnificent diamonds can truly shine.

“Self-expression and opulent style are the foundations of this celebratory trend which is inspired by regal aesthetics and attitudes. Looking to the past for inspiration, our mission is to create jewellery icons for a modern audience”, says Imperiali.


The Forevermark Tribute collection, with the premise that seasons change but a diamond is forever is a symbol of continued success. The set of 5 rings bring focus to the concept of stackable rings that can be worn together or separately in numerous combinations according to the mood and the occasion.

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