The Amazing World of Lotus Arts de Vivre

What began as a humble hobby for Helen von Bueren in Bangkok, has flourished to become the success story that it is today. With her sons, Sri and Nicki, already at charge of the family business, Lotus Arts de Vivre has bewitched many collectors with their artistic creations.

Scarab Necklace from Lotus Arts de Vivre
Scarab Necklace from Lotus Arts de Vivre

Asian traditions and the beauty of nature inspire the jewellery crafted by the von Bueren family, each piece unique in its own kind with innovative design, material used and the superior craftsmanship. Their use of natural materials and local Thai & Asian craftsmanship bring a fresh touch to the jewellery industry and attracts jewellery collectors from across the globe, which consists of the royal families and dignitaries from the most prominent countries of the world.

Their scarab series is a vibrant way of making jewellery, using scarab wings and other parts of the scarab beetle. Considered holy in ancient Egypt and China, the beetle has a very small life span, leaving behind a scintillating greenish-blue body. The necklace and earring set are made aligned with the beetle’s head set long with diamonds, rubelites and pearl. Their sea horse brooch pays tribute to the sea dragon, a symbol of power. The scarab handbag with diamonds and ruby has been layered with reinforced scarab wings, row by row, each wing pressed by hand- a job that took two artisans three months to finish. The gilded frame and diamonds along with a silk lining inside add the final touches.

Their use of baroque pearls has a unique appeal to them. The Happy Chinese Monk brooch has free form purple gold 13.87 carat pearl in the center and have designed the whole piece around it using enamel, rose cut diamonds, pink tourmalines, pearl beads and carved jades with hints of black rhodium. The Octopus ring is a stunning mixture of a rosebud pearl, black & white diamonds and black rhodium.

Another natural material that the von Bueren’s have used creatively is the wood. Using the traditional symbol or power and peace, the Elephant earrings are made of carved black wood and 9K gold with full cut diamonds for the eyes. From carved coconut shell with gold repousse for earrings to a hand cut cobalt calcite ring with a raw look, Lotus Arts de Vivre offers many such jewellery pieces, which can spark a conversation in any gathering.

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