Neelpushpa by Sunita Shekhawat

‘Neelpushpa’, a new collection in the world of Kundan-Meena jewellery (Indian flat diamond studded jewellery with enamel work) was recently launched exclusively by Jaipur based jewellery designer, Sunita Shekhawat.

Model showcasing hand ornaments and ear studs from Neelpushpa collection
Model showcasing hand ornaments and ear studs from Neelpushpa collection

Sunita’s royal Rajasthani lineage combined with her study of Turkish art inspires this fusion collection where picturesque white enamel flowers sway on royal blue backgrounds, adorn many beautiful pieces.

Geometric bangles with tulip flowers, bracelets with lotus and pearl tassels, kaleidoscopic round ear studs and beaded pearl necklaces all come together inspired by blue pottery colours along with designs and motifs inspired from the frescoes & murals of the heritage havelis of Rajasthan & the interiors of the famed Blue Mosque in Turkey.

Sunita’s Neelpushpa collection comes as a solution to all those who want to wear blue colour in jewellery but superstitions around Blue Sapphire stop them from wearing blue. Blue, now the new black and especialy, this vibrant blue colour pairs well with the spring – summer pastel palettes.

“Blue pottery is now famous as a Jaipur art, though it is Turko-Persian in origin. On a family vacation to Turkey, I was taken in by the beautiful interiors of the famed Blue Mosque. Both meenakari and blue pottery were born under Mughal patronage. Back home, I decided to adapt these two arts into a new collection that would at once be an ode to the traditional arts and the modern minimal design philosophy. With Neelpushpa, I haven’t just experimented with a different colour but also unconventional shapes, earlier unseen in kundan-meena jewellery. I have worked on clean, geometric shapes and a minimalistic aesthetic, in keeping with today’s style of understated elegance”, adds Sunita.


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