The Faberge Pearl Egg: Homage to a history of Imperial Eggs

Eyes of the world’s greatest jewellery connoisseurs were focused at the recently held Doha Watch & Jewellery Exhibition and especially on one particular brand- Fabergé, as they launched their most iconic bejewelled object of the 21st century. Fabergé, renowned worldwide for their Imperial Eggs created for the Russian royalty, have crafted an extraordinary, one-of-kind egg objet in collaboration with the Al-Fardan family, one of the world’s most renowned collectors of pearls- The Fabergé Pearl Egg.

The Fabergé Pearl Egg, 2015
The Fabergé Pearl Egg, 2015

The first in a series of many more to come, this extraordinary Pearl Egg has been created to pay homage to the forthcoming centenary of the last Fabergé Imperial Eggs ever delivered in 1917.

Pearls have been closely associated with royalty since centuries and thus, this new age Imperial Egg be inspired by and crafted with these delicate ‘jewels of the sea’ was a fine choice by Fabergé. The Pearl Egg imitates the formation of an oyster, and the egg’s painstakingly-crafted mother-of-pearl exterior opens to reveal a unique grey pearl of 12.17 carats, sourced from the Arabian Gulf and exhibiting exceptional purity and a highly unusual shade of grey. A combined effort of 20 skilled artisans, the egg embodies 139 fine white pearls with a golden lusture, 3,305 diamonds, carved rock crystal and mother-of-pearl set on white and yellow gold. An ingenious mechanism enables the entire outer shell to rotate on its base, simultaneously opening in six sections to unveil its treasure.

The object does not come alone, it is accompanied by a sumptuous Fabergé necklace of white pearls, diamonds and mother of pearl featuring a scallop motif, and finished with an exquisite 19.44 carat white pearl drop.

“We are delighted to be sharing this historic moment – the unveiling of the Fabergé Pearl Egg – with Mr Hussain and Mr Ali Al-Fardan in Doha. It is a distinct pleasure and privilege for me and the Fabergé team to have collaborated with them in sourcing some of the finest pearls in the world for this creation. We hold our partnership, and indeed our friendship, with Mr Hussain and Mr Ali Al-Fardan, in the highest regard”, adds Robert Benvenuto, Fabergé President.

Fabergé and the legend of Imperial Eggs

The Fabergé Hen Egg, 1885
The Fabergé Hen Egg, 1885

Fabergé was founded in 1842 and won worldwide acclaim for its artistry in creating objets d’art, jewellery and timepieces. The Fabergé Imperial Easter Eggs, commissioned by the Russian Imperial Family, are almost universally recognised as the greatest masterpieces of the jeweller’s art. The tradition of gifting bejeweled Easter eggs was started by Tsar Alexander III, who surprised his wife Empress Maria with the first Fabergé Easter egg in 1885.

The Fabergé Lilies of the Valley Egg, 1898
The Fabergé Lilies of the Valley Egg, 1898

Peter Carl Fabergé worked with highly skilled workmasters and craftsmen, seeking out precious gemstones with charisma and achieving perfection in every detail from enamelling to gem-setting. Fabergé says that 50 eggs in total were commissioned and 43 of those are known to have survived the Russian Revolution.

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    Dear Preeta, I have to say I absolutely LOVE your blog. I was just looking for some Easter inspiration for the blog I write for and stumbled across this post. I love the whole look and feel of your site, fresh, simple and beautifully laid out with high quality photographs. I wish I could take one of these little Faberge Hens that come out of the egg home to play with… 🙂 Anyway, I just wanted to express a little word of admiration for your work. I’m now following you to see what you write about in the future!

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      Dear Johanna… Thank you so much for the kind words and the appreciation. It feels nice to have admirers from across the globe. 🙂 Regards, Preeta

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