‘Song of the Sea’ Collection Launch @ Ganjam

The popularity of the Ganjam’s one of a kind ‘Song of the Sea’ earrings, made as part of the Platinum Guild International (PGI) special promotion at Baselworld, has inspired a whole new collection at the Ganjam design studio.

Ganjam's platinum 'Song of the Sea' earrings showcased at Basel
Ganjam’s platinum ‘Song of the Sea’ earrings showcased at Basel

The collection also named as ‘Song of the Sea’ is based on the theme of water – stylized and abstract. It depicts the ebb and swell of the sea in myriad shades of blue studded in white gold along with diamonds.

Ganjam, long known for their theme-based collections always use coloured gemstones in the most unique way. Here too, water has been depicted through the subtlest gradations made of Blue Sapphires and trending tanzanites mixed with diamonds. An inter-connecting lattice in defined silhouettes creates a textural feel in all the products.

The Collection features 26 products, from suites of jewellery to individual pieces, in two stories- all diamond with wave silhouettes and the ones with blue gemstones for a more dramatic effect. The assortment consists of statement making grand pieces to lighter and simpler products all within the feel of the collection.

The collection was launched amongst the glitterati of New Delhi at their DLF Emporio boutique. A live workshop was also created at the boutique for clients to experience the art of jewellery making.

Live Workshop at the launch of Ganjam's new collection - Song of the Sea
Live Workshop at the launch of Ganjam’s new collection – Song of the Sea

Commenting on this momentous occasion, Mr. Kumar Ganjam said, “Ganjam has always been acutely sensitive to changing trends in the market place. The launch of this collection will allow jewellery aficionados to experience the sheer intricacies of design and meticulous craftsmanship that is synonymous with our celebrated collections. These exquisite jewellery pieces cater to the woman who seeks to express her individuality and personal style. Every piece is entirely hand made and the standards of craftsmanship and design are recognized as amongst the very best in the world.”

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